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Common Problem

Skills of prolonging service life of bamboo products

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1. Pay attention to ventilation. Autumn is cooler, very suitable for window ventilation, will take away indoor moisture, can maintain the dryness of the wall, easier to integrate the maintenance of the wall.

2. Clean up the water stains in time. Small droplets that accidentally splash onto the wall are not easy to evaporate and dry, so we should erase the water stains on the integrated wall in time with a rag; especially the bathroom and bathroom, although the waterproof performance of the integrated wall is excellent, but often let the natural shade drying of the wall will shorten its service life.

3. Clean up the stain gently. Solid dirt should not be treated roughly: if there is solid dirt on the integrated wall, you can soften it with water first, then scrape it with cardboard, and do not use metal tools such as shovels directly to avoid scratches on the wall and damage the decorative layer of the wall. Some of the dirt is also very convenient to clean with toothpaste, the fine particles of toothpaste can make the integrated wall shine as new.

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