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Advantages of bamboo-wood fiber integrated wall

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energy conservation

Bamboo-wood fiber integrated wall materials are manufactured by extrusion process, so the color, size and shape of the products can be controlled according to the needs, so as to realize customization on demand, reduce the use cost to the greatest extent and save forest resources.

environmental protection

Another reason why bamboo-wood fiber integrated wall is praised is that it has prominent environmental protection function, can be recycled and contains almost no harmful substances and toxic gas volatilization. The formaldehyde emission of bamboo-wood fiber integrated wall is only 0.3mg/L, which is much lower than the national standard (national standard is 1.5mg/L), pollution-free, pollution-free, and energy-saving characteristics, and meets the national environmental protection standard. Quasi-European standard, non-toxic and odorless after decoration, can be immediately checked in, is a real green environmental protection products. Applicable to any environment such as living room, hotel decoration effect map, entertainment places, offices, shopping malls, etc.

save money
Bamboo-wood fiber integrated wall can be installed horizontally, vertically and obliquely according to personal preferences. It adopts socket, clip and wedge design. Different styles of products can be installed and used with each other to provide more imaginative space for Designers'personalized design. In addition, like solid wood, it can be sawn, nailed, planed, installed and used without painting. Generally, woodworkers can install it easily and skillfully. Full house decoration is a new concept of 15-day environmental fast home decoration in decoration industry.

With its rich texture and color effect, bamboo-wood fiber integrated wall brings the warm, natural and harmonious affinity of human beings and conquers every owner who first contacts the whole house. Whole-house bamboo-wood fiber integrated wall is in the leading international level in terms of decorative effect, wood texture, fast and convenient installation process, flame retardant, anti-aging, environmental protection and other properties, leading the new concept of green and fast decoration.

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