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Bamboo is an indispensable element in low-carbon buildings

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For the building materials industry, China has become a big bamboo manufacturing country. Bamboo is a kind of high-quality building material with soft color, clear texture and smooth handle. It gives users good sense of vision, smell and touch. It has good toughness and high strength. It can be made into truss to solve the long-span problems in buildings. At the same time, bamboo is a green building material with ecological and environmental protection. It has a fast maturation and a growth cycle of 1/120 of pine wood. After service life, the material can be completely recycled and reused. Bamboo is a low energy consumption building material. When building a building with the same area, the energy consumption ratio of bamboo to concrete is 1:8 and steel is 1:50.
I. Application Prospects of Building Bamboo
China is rich in bamboo resources. Bamboo is an ideal material for saving wood and replacing wood. The mechanical properties of bamboo are excellent. The tensile strength of Moso bamboo is 203MPa, which is 2.48 times that of Chinese fir; the compressive strength is 79 MPa, which is twice that of Chinese fir; the shear strength is 161 MPa, which is 2.2 times that of Chinese fir; in addition, the growth cycle of bamboo is shorter, hardness and water resistance are better than that of Chinese fir.
(2) Bamboo is healthy, upward, tough and upright, which can convey residents'positive attitude towards life, so it is often used in architecture and landscape architecture. Many people point out that the bamboo surface scraped off is yellow and yellow, which makes people feel very warm. Using bamboo as wall decoration, the effect is not worse than that of traditional wood decoration. As far as the stability of material itself is concerned, bamboo is also better than wood. Professional outdoor bamboo paving materials can not only retain the surface texture effect of bamboo itself, but also make the performance of bamboo more stable by its strict anti-corrosion processing process, which can effectively prolong the service life of outdoor floor, and the overall effect is better.
(3) Outdoor flooring is very common in public places and private courtyards, and specially processed anti-corrosion bamboo can completely replace the traditional anti-corrosion wood used in outdoor surface and exterior wall decoration of buildings.
(4) The first 40.3 m and 1.5 MW bamboo wind turbine blade in China was introduced. Compared with the traditional FRP blade, the natural Cizhu blade in the south of China has the advantages of simple processing technology, stable performance and easy recycling. It can directly reduce the material cost by 25% and increase the power generation efficiency by 15%.
(5) Specialists pointed out that in practical projects, it is usually necessary to take into account the effects, craftsmanship, safety and construction costs when deciding which kind of building decoration materials to use. With the increasing awareness of the excellent properties and unique effects of bamboo and the increasing awareness of making full use of renewable resources, the popularity of such materials will be gradually enhanced.
2. Promote the innovation and development of bamboo industry; Promote the new environmental protection outdoor anti-corrosion bamboo; Promote the promotion and application of outdoor bamboo products with high tolerance
(1) High resistance outdoor bamboo is a kind of Reconstituted Bamboo which is suitable for long-term outdoor use and has anti-corrosion, anti-mildew performance and good dimensional stability. Like wood, bamboo is composed of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. Bamboo contains a lot of starch, sugar, protein and other nutrients. Nutrients are decomposed and cleaned up to achieve anti-corrosion, anti-mildew and termite properties. The problem of cracking, deformation, expansion and shrinkage of outdoor bamboo is solved fundamentally by physical decomposition of free hydroxyl groups in hemicellulose.
(2) Outdoor bamboo products with high resistance have the following characteristics: green environmental protection, strong corrosion resistance, mildew resistance, high strength, high hardness, wear resistance, skid resistance, termite resistance, flame retardant, good weather resistance, etc.
3. Bamboo is an ideal material for low-carbon buildings
(1), "low-carbon life" and "low-carbon economy" are becoming the consensus of the whole society. The state actively develops low-carbon environmental protection economy and vigorously advocates low-carbon buildings. At present, the energy consumption of building use in developed countries accounts for 30-40% of the total energy consumption of the whole society. In China, the energy consumption of building use accounts for about 28% of the total energy consumption of the whole society, and there is an upward trend. China's bamboo processing industry is developing rapidly, and bamboo products of various uses and types are being developed and produced. These bamboo products are mainly used for wall, floor, ceiling decoration and indoor and outdoor building decoration materials, with many characteristics. Natural texture of bamboo, simple and natural; use more advanced bamboo plus

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