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Brief discussion on bamboo floor

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The bamboo floor is still a strange term in the hearts of many people, but as a global recommender of bamboo application, the bamboo floor has gradually covered the bamboo floor, outdoor floor, outdoor floor and grand floor. Gangguo bamboo floor is one of the new bamboo floors, which provides convenience for the laying of outdoor wood floor. The bamboo floor is mainly made of renewable resources, bamboo, and provides the traditional production method of wood as raw material. The utilization rate of heavy bamboo veneer is high, reaching more than 90%, which not only reduces the formaldehyde emission of products, but also ensures the recycling of products.

The bamboo floor has the following nine characteristics:
1. Green environmental protection. Because the bamboo floor is specially processed, the product is basically only a small amount of formaldehyde in the release.
2. Resistance to termites. As one of the outdoor bamboo flooring, Gangguo bamboo flooring has a high density because of its surface coating and special technology.
3. Fire and flame retardant.
4. High stability.
5. High hardness. Hardness is determined by the density of the product. In order to be more suitable for outdoor use, the outdoor floor with high density is specially processed.
6. 20 years of high durability.
7. Strong corrosion resistance.
8. High strength anti-mildew.
9. Excellent dimensional stability. After bamboo flooring is processed by technology, the hydrophilic hydroxyl concentration of bamboo flooring decreases and the product reaches stability.
At present, Ganggang bamboo floor has been widely used in landscape, real estate projects, yacht wharf, home decoration projects. The bamboo floor has become one of the preferred outdoor decoration products.

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