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Installation and Maintenance of Gangguo Bamboo (2)

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Lock flooring generally adopts suspension paving method:
1. Construction conditions: the ground must be dry; the ground must be level and the error must not exceed 2 mm; the ground must be clean; other construction must be completed.
2. Floor installation:
1. Lay a layer of 2 mm thick moisture-proof film on the ground, overlap about 20 mm at the splicing point, and glue with tape as a whole.
2. The floor should be paved with wrong seams. Measure the size and use the material reasonably. The cut section of the board must be sealed with varnish to prevent dampness.
3. Floor and wall must be with expansion joints, generally between 5-10 mm; generally can be installed in the corner of the way to reserve wooden strips first;
4. Large-area pavement should be artificially partitioned by "T" strip in the direction of a certain width and size according to the floor's expansion rate, in order to prevent the thermal expansion and cold contraction of the floor from deforming.
5. When the floor is installed, the groove and mortise locks are fastened to a 45-degree angle and close together; tap the bottom of the side of the straight mouth with a rubber hammer, and then close to it strictly.
6. After the whole installation of bamboo flooring, stitching line is used around the wall roots, wood screw or floor nail is used to fix the bamboo flooring, and near-colored paint (or varnish) can be applied at the fixed place.
7. It is suggested that floor wax should be applied after installation.

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