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Installation instructions for outdoor bamboo floor

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1. Construction conditions: complete construction drawings and schemes; civil engineering must be completed, the ground level, the difference between the height of the ground is not allowed to exceed 5 mm; seedlings and decorative lighting projects must be completed; cross-construction should be avoided as far as possible.

2. keel paving: if the horizontal difference is too large, the keel can be installed by bolt adjustment; after the adjustment of the base plane reaches the requirements, the position of the base keel can be found and marked by lines according to the length of the board; the keel can be paved into "well-shaped structure" or "parallel line structure"; the distance between keels is generally 300-500 mm; the height difference of the keel after the installation is controlled to 5 mm. Inside.

3. Outdoor floor installation: according to the fastener of the floor, the gap between the floors should be 3-7 mm; in large area paving, the outdoor floor with male and female tenons at both ends should be used to assemble the wrong seams; there should be fasteners on each keel; after installation, the joints should be basically flat, no obvious difference in height and no obvious loosening phenomenon; in the process of installation, the joints should be pre-perforated. In order to avoid plate cracking caused by direct construction.

4. Installation of metal parts: stainless steel fasteners, bolts and bolts are generally used.

5. Double keel suspension method can also be used for installation under special conditions.
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