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Introduction to Bamboo

Product characteristics:
Gangguo bamboo is a kind of high temperature and high pressure bamboo, which is decomposed into fibrous veneer, processed by anti-mildew, anti-corrosion, drying and so on. According to the inspection of National Wood and Bamboo Inspection Center, Ganggang Bamboo (Bamboo-based Fiber Composite) has the characteristics of high strength, high weatherability, high anticorrosion and high flame resistance.

Excellent density:
The density of Gangguo bamboo is more than 1.20g/cm3. Now the widely used preservative wood of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica can only reach 0.4g/cm3, pineapple lattice and teak can reach about 1.0g/cm3.

Excellent strength:
The static bending strength of Gangguo bamboo is more than 220 Mpa.Under the same thickness, the impact resistance is 7-10 times as much as that of Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica, which can achieve better performance with fewer materials.
Excellent weather resistance:
According to the national standard method, the water absorption thickness expansion rate is less than 5% in 28-hour cycle test; according to the 72-hour boiling water detection, the water absorption thickness expansion rate is less than 10%, and the water absorption expansion rate of the target product can be controlled; so that the warping and cracking of outdoor bamboo products are no longer worries.
Excellent corrosion resistance:
The anticorrosion meets the national standard I. In the laboratory anti-aging test, the service life is more than 15 years.Time goes by at any time, but value is eternal.
Excellent environmental protection:

Bamboo cutting will not destroy the ecological environment, material acquisition is environmentally friendly; no harmful substances, mainly physical changes, formaldehyde emission of phenolic resin adhesive is lower than 0.2mg/100g, lower than the European E1 standard of 0.5mg/100g. Outdoor environmental protection has been synchronized with indoor environment since then.